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Markku Nieminen
+358 40 723 7050

Development of Medical Devices

Medical device markets are becoming increasingly diverse and specialized, and are controlled by strict regulations. It is crucial to know the regulations in order to succeed in the business. TAKSO has more than 20 years of experience and knowhow about medical devices and their regulations.

TAKSO's expertise is at the customer's service in a wide range of medical device development projects. We can make sure that innovations fit into the regulatory framework.

TAKSO Services:

  • Expert consulting in the medical devices domain
  • Evaluation of product and technology
  • Managing and organizing R&D projects
  • Resourcing R&D projects
  • Expert services for R&D projects
  • Development team coaching & managing
  • Expertise services in development projects
  • Regulation knowhow for projects 

TAKSO has vast experience of development projects for medical devices and IVD, both in start-up and global giant contexts.

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